Highland Park Chamber of Commerce

Our Purpose: is to help build a stronger, more prosperous community. As an economic driver, the Chamber is a catalyst for business growth, a convener of leaders, and a champion for a stronger community

Who We Are

Highland Park Chamber of Commerce

The Highland Park Chamber of Commerce is our members – local businesses, individuals, and organizations that voluntarily align themselves with the Chamber’s collective mission. It is a working partnership. Members actively invest their time, money and talents into initiatives that ensure Highland Park is attractive to residents, visitors and businesses alike. Our Chamber reflects a diversity of business types, from service to retail, professional to not-for-profit. No two businesses are exactly alike and that is what brings uniqueness to our Chamber and community.We effect our mission to help local businesses prosper through promotion, advocacy, connections, and education. The Chamber’s underlying goal in our strategic framework is unity, positivity, and prosperity for our members and the community at large. Let’s Rebuild. Reimagine. Reignite. Prosperous Together. 
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